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Time I got moving more. I was extremely nervous and afraid

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Revitalize Lifestyle

One of my commitments to myself this year is to move more, having CFS and Fibromyalgia for close to 20 years, bedridden and wasn't able to do any physical activity for long periods of time.  I retired from netball, hiking, volley ball and any aerobic activity in my early 20's.  When experiencing a good stage about 8 years ago I decided to play netball again, however the fatigue hit me pretty quickly, along with breaking my finger in my second match so I decided to retire YET again and keep up with my walking and low impact exercise.  After many years of self healing I have felt well over the past 2 years, and close to a full recovery from my spinal injury I decided I'd start some Personal Training sessions incorporating Core strength, boxing, cardio and muscle strength.  Although I was extremely nervous and actually put off calling Beck from Bexercise for over six months,  I ran into her at the beach before Christmas and thought this is a sign.  Since then I have been doing weekly classes and love it, I am more energized and stronger than I have been in years.  From the years of CFS I know my body really well, if I feel something is too much I scale back the intensity, this lesson I finally learnt about 8 years ago, I can't push myself as much as I would have liked but that is OK with me now, I aim to do a bit more each time I exercise. I guess this lesson I learnt I would like to share with you 'Even when times are extremely challenging or difficult (emotionally, physically, financially, or time restraints) aim to make even the smallest step or action that will enhance your joy or health, it may be minuscule but it will keep you on the positive road. I always reminded myself that the sun will come up tomorrow and it's a new day and anything is possible: even MIRACLES' 
So, back to the story, this got me thinking many of my clients love to keep fit but would like the opportunity to do some more still/slow movement and vice versa those that love Meditation and Yoga and Qi Gong are also looking to incorporate some more energetic movement into their life so Beck from Bexercise and myself launched the YIN and YANG session, a mini retreat for those out there that want to incorporate some more Movement and Stillness in their life.  

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