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How to reduce those debilitating allergies in the Spring Time

Posted on September 08, 2015 by Revitalize Lifestyle
ALLERGIES SEASON: Most of us love the arrival of Spring Time after a long winter.  Pretty flowers blossoming, green grass everywhere after the winters rain and birds chirping reminding us that the warmer weather is coming.  However, it can be a difficult time of year for those that suffer allergies like hayfever, sinus and asthma.  There are some easy and extremely effective ways to reduce symptoms of these allergies. Here at Revitalize Lifestyle we have great results with Ear Candling and Reflexology, not only do clients have an instant relief their symptoms are often dramatically reduced or alleviated.  So those that already experience those sneezes, blocked heads, runny noses and congestion give us a call.  Other awesome ways to assist in reducing allergy symptoms include Salt Therapy and Accupunture and of course increasing your Vitamin C intake through foods like kiwi and citrus, increase foods that have an anti inflammatory response like turmeric and pineapple and increase your intake of garlic, onions and horseradish as they have an antibiotic and decongestant effect.  And importantly you may want to reduce your dairy intake which increase mucous formation in the lungs and exacerbates nasal congestion.  For more info on Reflexology and Ear Candling http://www.revitalizelifestyle.com/pages/revitalize-clinic
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