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Boost your Immunity and fight of Colds and Flu

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Revitalize Lifestyle

Fight those colds/flus and nasty winter viruses.

This little gem is simple and so effective at keeping your immune system strong in the winter months. It's ELDERBERRY syrup.

Great for both adults and super for kids. Elderberries are potent immune enhancers, antioxidants, great for heart health and protects and heals from colds, flu, tonsillitis and viral and bacterial infections.                                         


2 cups of dried organic elderberries ( I buy mine from My Home Pantry)

2 tbs fresh or dried ginger root

1 tsp cinnamon

1/3  tsp cloves

2 cups of water

 ¾  cup raw honey                                     

Cook all ingredients on medium heat in pot or Thermomix for 35-45 mins. Remove from heat and crush berries, then remove all berries and strain. 

Allow to cool completely, then stir in honey.

Store in air tight container in fridge.


Take  ½ -1 tsp Children twice a day 

Take ½ -1 tbs for Adults three times a day. 

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