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Want to feel more energized and less overwhelmed this festive season?

Posted on December 06, 2019 by Revitalize Lifestyle
How to feel less overwhelmed and be mindful of our self-care this festive season.
We are in December and the festive season has definitely kicked into full swing!
My top tips to reduce the overwhelm of the festive season:
1. Make practical lists of what needs to be achieved and completed. Tick them off once they are done✔️
2. Don’t say YES to every Christmas party or gathering. Choose the ones that you really want to go to and ones you can fit in comfortably without racing around. Often we find we are hurrying between 2-3 events on the same day and feel we didn’t spend quality time at any of them.
3. Stay hydrated, keep a water bottle handy. Regular water intake will help with your clarity, focus and energy levels (also great for your memory).
4. Choose your food and beverages wisely. The festive food and drinks are delicious but you may choose to eat less or not to eat that special cake at every function. I will be sharing some healthy mocktails in the coming days.
5. Attempt to get a few early nights to bed.
6. If you write Christmas cards, write a couple a night so it doesn’t end up being a chore.
7. Keep up with your exercise and movement. Your body, gut and mind will thank you. The busier we get often the less exercise we do, our gut and metabolism gets sluggish from all the extra treats and our minds are busy. Exercise will help you physically, mentally and emotionally. Dancing is a good festive exercise.
8. Listen to Christmas songs. They always lift your spirit and they are fun to listen too. My favs are: Happy Christmas (John Lennon), Last Christmas (Wham), Feed the World (Band aid), All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey) and I love all the 1940’s & 50’s ones with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and of course the traditional ones are fun with the kids!
9. Watch a fun Christmas movie. I always get a laugh and often a tear from: Love Actually, Elf, National Lampoons, Polar Express and last year our family enjoyed The Christmas Chronicles.
10. Take a few mindful moments for meditation or quiet contemplation.
11. Take some time to think about who and what you are grateful for. What simple ways can you show your gratitude to those you love or have helped you.
12. Find ways you can Pay it Forward with kindness gestures over the festive season. Our kids love this. They decide on different kindness acts they will do and sometimes it’s just a spur of the moment thing.
13. Enjoy precious time with your loved ones, ‘being PRESENT’ with them is so much better than giving presents.  Or if you are gift giving, shop local when possible, make a present or give an experience as a gift.
Happy festive season everyone!  Stay safe!

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State of Wellness Summit - Thank You!!

Posted on December 06, 2019 by Revitalize Lifestyle


Victoria’s inaugural State Of Wellness Women’s Summit, supported by Bendigo Bank and the Canny Group, was held in Geelong on Thursday, October 10th 2019. Coinciding with World Mental Health Awareness Day last Thursday, it was an auspicious day for Geelong to host Victoria’s first State of Wellness Women’s Summit at GMHBA Stadium. Fourteen expert speakers spoke to a full house of women, who travelled from all over the state to learn more about all aspects of health, wellbeing and sustainable living. 


The Summit aimed to empower women to create sustainable positive change in their lives, bringing together the best of our region’s wellness experts to inspire, encourage and guide women to live a healthy, happy and successful life. Women of all ages heard from a curated range of keynote speakers, and engaged in activities, a wellness expo and enjoyed nutritious food throughout the one-day event.



It was a wonderful day for like-minded people to come together and learn, exploring ways to enhance their wellbeing on all levels and finding ways to live with joy, harmony and fun. The honourable MP Christine Couzens opened the event and spoke honestly about issues facing women in today’s society.


Torquay’s Jo Surkitt, from Revitalize Lifestyle, designed the State Of Wellness event to raise awareness and provide education to engage, support and enable women to make good choices around their physical and mental health, family, work and overall wellbeing.


According to Beyond Blue, around 1 in 6 women in Australia will experience depression and 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime, Jo Surkitt felt an event focussing on Women’s Wellness was needed and by the fact it was sold out she was right.   Jo was overwhelmed with all the wonderful and positive feedback from the event.  “I was delighted with the outcome of event, so many women spoke to me throughout the day telling me that the day had changed their perspective on life and how much the event meant to them.” Jo said



The Summit covered wide ranging topics from hormones to nutrition, gut health to mental and emotional health, career to personal goals, fitness, overcoming illness, trauma and life challenges, rewiring the brain to creating healthy habits with guidance provided by passionate, flexible and resilient industry experts concluding with a transformational sound healing session.


The keynote speaker, Olympic Taekwondo Gold Medallist, Lauren Burns, was a highlight with her background as an elite sports person, naturopath, nutritionist and a mum, talking about the ups and downs, highs and lows of balancing life.


Amongst the guest speakers included Roxie Bennett (MC), Positive Change Creator Jo Surkitt, Motivational Speaker Jane Kinnear, Naturopath Rebecca Winkler and Deakin's Food & Mood Centre's team, joined by other industry leading wellness specialists.



Beth who attended the event said ‘What a wonderful, aspiring and uplifting event, Broad range of knowledgeable speakers to show us many choices to make our lives better, it was brilliant’


Kim said “An absolute credit to Jo Surkitt for bringing such a professional and inspiring event to Geelong. Having attended a number of Women’s summits in the past, the calibre of this summit was outstanding” 


“Best day I can’t wait for the next one, great for women’s empowerment, lots of great takeaways.” commented Lisa Malone


“Inspiring, special day, definitely great to be here! Amazing women, delicious food, can’t wait for the next one” said Sarah


“Thank you for giving me a new lift on life” Rachel said


The Summit also offered a wonderful array of 20 local businesses showcasing their products and services in the Positive Change expo, with participants walking away with a wealth of knowledge.


Overall, the aim was to arm women with strategies to be their best, and plan a future that integrates clarity with peace, success, good health and joy, by learning skills to live a healthy and sustainable way of life.   This will be a biennial event for the Geelong region. 


Don’t miss the next State of Wellness Women’s Summit in 2021.

For full details: www.stateofwellness.com.au

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Heavy Metal detoxification and cleanse

Posted on May 09, 2018 by Revitalize Lifestyle


Hot Cleanse tips! Heavy metal detoxification, this unique recipe from Medical Medium is great for binding and eliminating mercury, lead, copper, aluminium, nickel and more out of your organs, tissues and whole body. It's tasty and doing a great job at assisting with my chelation therapy. 


Organic ingredients as much as possible

1 Banana

1 cup of Wild organic Blueberries

bunch of Coriander

2 squeeze oranges

1 tsp Barley grass Juice powder

1 tsp spirulina

1 handful of Alaskan dulse

Water to blend

Blend in a TM, blender or mixer and drink fresh.






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Move over laughter, there’s a new ‘best medicine' in town.

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Revitalize Lifestyle

Medical intuitive expert Jo Surkitt introduces us to this powerful healing technique, discussing her incredible experiences and her hopes for her clients.


 Discovering Medical Intuition

 As many of you know, I have been an intuitive healer for decades. I regularly use Reiki, energetic healing, meridians, chakras and energy channels to complement my current healing sessions and enhance the effectiveness of  my retreats.  After years of hard study, experience and learnings, I’m adding medical intuition to my repertoire, and I thought it was high time I told you lovely people all about this incredible technique.

 What is Medical Intuition?

 Your body holds vibrational messages about your past and present. This means that stress, trauma, illness and emotional turmoil can all manifest as disease, pain or chronic ailments in your physical body.

 It is the job of the medical intuitive to identify energy blockages and imbalances in the body and release them at the source. It’s a safe, non-intrusive procedure that requires a great deal of skill since practitioners intuitively read and assess physical imbalances in their clients.

 I work by scanning the body for a priority – an emotional, mental, spiritual or physical ailment or issue. I tune my body into yours, processing and releasing the energy blockages caused by past life experiences, early age traumas, family history or illness. It’s a process that offers immediate relief and long-term healing.

 My Journey

 I first discovered medical intuition eight years ago, but it wasn’t until 2010, when I experienced difficulties with a pregnancy, that I began to appreciate just how powerful this process can be.

 We had been trying for a baby for several years so, when we did fall pregnant, it was an incredibly exciting time. At 12 weeks we received devastating news from our ultrasound; our baby had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, liver, kidney and heart problems. There was nothing the doctors could do but monitor his growth and development.  It was with a heavy heart that I picked up the phone to Helen Paige, a well-known Medical Intuitive.

 Even down a phone line, Helen sensed that I was pregnant. In one session, she identified what was wrong and where the problem originated. In less than a day, she had healed my baby. When the next ultrasound showed no tumour and no organ failure, the doctors called it a miracle. And it was, but I knew why.

 From that moment on, I was hooked. Six years later and I’m very proud to be one of only a handful of qualified medical intuitives, providing my clients with access to this powerful, gentle and life-changing technique.

 Medical Intuition and You

 Medical intuition is a two-way process. As healers, we can identify the cause of your ailments and remove physical blockages, but you need to use the insight we provide to stay well.

 Which is why, at Revitalize Lifestyle, we provide ongoing support and healing. I combine medical intuition with healing techniques and meditations over the past 20 years, giving you the tools to address the imbalances in your life. Together, we’ll discover what perfect health looks like for you. Together, we’ll make your heart sing.


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