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Children and their Emotions - Cool Kids Program

Posted on November 04, 2015 by Revitalize Lifestyle

Today I am looking at Children and their Emotions. Are children more anxious or sensitive these days or are we more aware of how our kids are feeling and experiencing situations?

I have found Brain Gym exercises have been great with children of all ages to help with dealing with stress, learning difficulties, mental health programs, improving brain function, memory and concentration and so much more. I have found talking about the child's day and asking how they felt about certain things that they experienced, also drawing or writing about their feelings helps to release blocked emotions and anxieties.  I have also found when children are getting frustrated or anxious a gentle head massage or holding your fingers gently on their forehead will often soothe, calm and refocus the child, they are then able to explain their emotions/feelings in a more productive way. A drink of water is another way to relax and calm a child (or adult) as the brain's electrical and chemical actions are facilitated by water and therefore improves concentration. Water enhances the brain's ability to be more efficient and effective when processing information and therefore will assist in mood fluctuations, anxiety and tantrums. 

There is also a great program run by The Macquarie University in Sydney called' Cool Kids' since 1993 through their 'Centre for Emotional Health'. This skill based program includes topics:
* Learning about feelings and anxiety
* Detective thinking, and learning to think more realistically
* Ways that parents can help
* Fighting fear by facing fear (stepladders)
* Learning to solve a problem
* Building assertiveness and dealing with teasing

Image from Cool Kids website.

Another great resource for parents with children that may have anxious tendencies is called 'Don't think about Purple Elephants' written by Susan Whelan. Susan's daughter had suffered from anxiety from a young age but through activities, tools and games she was able to eliminate her fears and anxieties. http://purpleelephants.com.au/  Thanks to ABC All in the Mind for information.

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