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Team Building/Employee Engagement

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Looking for new ways to engage your staff and create a collaborative team?

Does your team need some motivation and inspiration to excel in their jobs?

Book a Team Building / Employee Engagement session different to anything else.

Reinvigorate your team with a holistic approach that facilitates genuine behavioural change, enhances communication and fosters emotionally intelligent team dynamics.
Whether it's to increase morale, improve employee engagement and cohesion or reward good results, team-building exercises are a great way to bring collaboration, motivation, inspiration and fun into the workplace.
We aim to provide fun, innovative, engaging and interactive team building sessions that are not only enjoyable on the day, but provide tools, strategies and techniques that will help each staff member to continually shine in their job and live a happier and healthier life overall.


Problem-solving skills in fun and new ways
Collaboration and inclusion – increasing trust, compassion and friendship
Emergent leadership – allowing individuals to step up and take the lead
Identifying and utilising team strengths
Team building/camaraderie
Brainstorming & creative thinking
Effective communication
Planning & organisation
Remaining composed and calm under pressure
Improved connection among team members
Increased motivation, inspiration and engagement
Enhance staff wellbeing and energy levels
Inspiring, energising, invigorating and enjoyable!
Most importantly your team will have FUN!
Team Building Sessions Include:
Beach adventure
Movement/Office fitness
Bush adventure walks
TV Ad Creation
Hula Hooping
Making Music
Silent Disco 
Circus Action
For more information or to book email us at revitalizehealth@bigpond.com
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