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Since 2002, Revitalize Lifestyle has been changing the lives of people all over the country. Jo Surkitt and her team have extensive knowledge and years’ of experience to create programs individually designed to bring you great health, balance and wellness.

Revitalize Lifestyle has run a vast amount of wellness and lifestyle programs in a variety of fields including the corporate and education (primary and tertiary) sector, pre and post natal groups, carers, practitioners, aged care and the general public.  

“Our retreats and workshops are designed to help you achieve your wellness goals. They enable you to live your life to its full potential by providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to transform your daily routine.” Jo Surkitt, Founder

Our programs offer a wide variety of services, educational programs, activities, therapies and treatments to ensure wellbeing becomes a way of life.

Jo Surkitt, owner and director of Revitalize Lifestyle has been working in the wellness industry for over 18 years. She co-owned and ran a Natural Therapies college and clinic in Melbourne, however moved to the Surf Coast twelve years ago and relocated Revitalize Lifestyle and Retreat. Jo has a background in Corporate Wellness, Nutrition, Massage, Professional Development, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Medical Intuition, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Energetic healing, Holistic Counselling, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Wellness and Reiki. She has run workshops and retreats in a range of fields including corporate health and wellbeing, professional development, women’s health, meditation, aged care, lifestyle programs and practitioner training.

She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and experience that she has gained as a practitioner, educator, speaker and mum.  Her journey into wellness from a career in the travel industry and the tertiary education sector began after Jo was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia  and no western medicine or techniques were improving her illness.

Through alternative medicine, lifestyle and food changes Jo was able to eliminate the majority of her symptoms.

Jo believes you need to address both your mind and body to create ultimate well-being, happiness and life balance.

In her workshops and retreats Jo aims to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, EDUCATE and assist to IMPROVE her clients wellness and happiness and add value and knowledgeable tools and techniques to their 'Wellness Toolbox' .  Jo also ensures there is a great deal of FUN and LAUGHTER which lifts one's vitality and overall happiness.

Jo is a passionate traveller and believes she must have the Wanderlust gene that makes her continually want to explore the world.  She has travelled to many countries (currently 56 countries) learning new cultures and discovering different ways people create a healthy lifestyle; from tribes in Africa to Shaman healers in Peru through to innovative European approaches to natural medicine and wellness and working closely with the Bach Institute in England.

Jo has a team of PROFESSIONAL and fully trained staff who are EXPERTS in their field that make each workshop, retreat or corporate program unique and rewarding. Jo teaches her clients the techniques to achieve wellness and longevity.   Our sessions endeavour to create a long-lasting inspiration to help you continue with new, positive changes as part of your lifestyle, both at work and at home. The focus of our retreats and programs is to find a life balance (overall harmony) as well as rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.

Revitalize Lifestyle is dedicated in working towards your life enrichment through the introduction of new experiences and the restoration of balance.

Phone 0417 549218 or email revitalizehealth@bigpond.com



Gratitude (What people say)

We at Revitalize Lifestyle love assisting people to enhance their wellness, it makes us feel wonderful when we receive feedback from clients explaining how our retreats or treatments have assisted them on their wellness and healing journey.

Jo's sessions brought our growing team closer together, with an effective mix of thoughtfully composed activities. What a great team-building day! Thank you!  OPSM owner

Thought it was an excellent day & we all learned a lot about each other.  OPSM Staff member

 My team had Jo facilitate a Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology session a few months ago and the positive change in our workplace since then has been remarkable.  Jo's teaching style is easy to embrace and simple to use in our every day life.  Thanks Jo we look forward to another session. - Sarah Vodafone

I have had the pleasure of participating in a couple of Jo’s mindfulness sessions.  It was after attending the first session I realised it would be perfect activity for my team; all likeminded people, with varying interests in mindfulness.  The team loved the session, everyone felt as though they achieved so much more out of it than they thought possible.  So many great techniques to incorporate into each day, for yourself, and with your family. Thanks Jo. - Virginia: Surf Coast Shire

Jo Surkitt from Revitalize Lifestyle presented at a Conference to over 100 of our volunteer Visitor Information Centre Officers on exercise and relaxation.  Jo had an excellent way of engaging all to participle, including those who weren't initially over excited in being involved.  By the end of her presentation everyone in the room was enthusiastically participating and many have committed to follow her program in everyday life.  I would recommend Jo to any organise looking to entice their staff to be actively involved in a healthy lifestyle, her presentation was most engaging.   Elizabeth Curtain: Visitor Centre Coordinator - Tourism Geelong & The Bellarine

Thanks to Jo and her team for a fun, informative and hands on session.  I learnt many new tools and techniques to manage my stress, improve my focus and productivity and feel more balanced overall.  - Jane: Commonwealth Bank

The Positive Change session was fantastic, I can't believe how much I got out of the session and how I can easily adapt what I learnt into my work and home life.  I feel inspired and motivated to make many positive changes - Meredith: Shell

'Jo and Kim, thank you for facilitating these yoga and meditation sessions. You share your gifts with us and I personally am rediscovering my own flow, breath and ease of movement after years of chronic back pain. Joining this group in the beautiful outdoors connects me to the sights, sounds and feelings of being by the sea; I always feel cleansed of the week and calm and ready for the weekend.' Emily 

''Jo and Kim's Friday morning yoga over-looking the beach has been fantastic for me.  I love the time to focus on myself with like minded people.  It is the perfect combination of meditation, movement, education, location and people.  Every time i come away feeling calm and re-charged after a busy week.  Thank you Jo and Kim, I think I’ve found my flow.''  Nicole

"The highlight of my week is Friday morning yoga and meditation by the sea facilitated by Jo Surkitt and Kim Bingham. Each of these ladies have a solid understanding of their crafts, developed over years of practice, study and immersion in other cultures. Not only do they know their stuff they are women with huge hearts who demonstrate a genuine passion for what they do. Their sessions combine blissful guided meditations with gentle, nourishing yoga that fills your body and mind with energy and lightness. 

Both Jo and Kim create a sacred space where you can feel energised, relaxed, peaceful and can release any negative energy.  At all times you can feel that Jo and Kim are wanting pure, positive outcomes for the group and give 100% to ensure that all participants go on a journey of healing, self reflection and release. Both ladies have a caring facilitation style, interacting with kindness grace and care at all times. Together Jo and Kim combine their skills to create a beautiful offering that energises your body, mind and soul. After our sessions I always feel lighter, clearer and able to face the day confidently with energy and focus. Thank you ladies!”  Melanie

 "I highly recommend Jo and Kim’s friendly Yoga/ Meditation classes. They are a great start to the day overlooking the beach or on the deck. It brings you back to the present as well as often giving you food for thought in the meditations and the yoga suits all levels. It has  also really helped strengthen my ankle after a bad break and always leaves me feeling energised and relaxed afterward"  Beth

Revitalize’ Lifestyle's Meditation Retreat was so much fun as well as relaxing and inspiring. Thanks Jo I learnt so many new skills. I went home feeling totally relaxed as well as excited about putting the new skills into practice. - Nicole

I found Jo and Fiona's corporate retreat an eye opener, the information provided and activities gave me hope that I can reduce my stress levels at work and feel able to manage my workload more efficiently, I feel it will also help me a great deal in my private life.  Very informative, inspiring and lots of fun.  I  now feel I have the wisdom to be more resilient and cope better under pressure. Thank you. - Anonymous :Crimestoppers 

This is my third retreat with Revitalize Lifestyle and again your wonderful retreat left me feeling completely nourished, nurtured and inspired.  Thanks a bunch - Tara

Thank you for a beautifully balanced session and reminding me of the wonderful tools we have to bring peace and wellness into our lives - Bev

Wow, is all I can say, my medical intuition session blew me away, the instant emotional and physical release from ailments I had been enduring for many years was amazing.  Thanks Jo.  Highly recommend a session - Jill

I have been seeing Jo for Reflexology for the past 3 years as a maintenance for a chronic disorder I have and I feel fantastic for the week following, my symptoms subside and my illness have improved significantly over this time. Jennifer

I see Jo for Massage on a regular basis to assist in keeping my body well. I work in a high pressure job and Jo relaxes not only my muscles, but calms my mind and I always sleep well after a session. - Mandy

Your Prenatal Bliss Retreat has made me feel a lot more relaxed about the whole process. Thanks you. - Lauren

The healing evenings are something I look forward to each month. Each session is unique & I love what Jo &  Octavia bring to each session. I feel relaxed, nurtured and grounded after each group & it is a fantastic experience which I highly recommend people to get along to. - Nat

Prenatal Bliss Retreat: Great informative supplement to community prenatal classes, it focussed more on how to make labour and birthing manageable and less scary. Jaime

Prenatal Bliss Retreat: Such a good day to focus on the baby and the upcoming adventure.Hayley

Degustation of Healing Evening: Lovely to have such a beautiful space to explore different concepts of wellness and healing. Thank you for expanding my awareness. - Name not given

 Thanks Jo and Revitalize team for the most wonderful Pampering retreat. My friend and I loved the facial and massage and the pilates and energetic healing sessions were amazing. We will be back for another retreat. PS. The food was divine. - Anne  

Thanks so much this retreat has inspired me to take some time out to practice these new techniques and have time for ME - Rachel

An excellent retreat, feeling great.  looking forward to the next one - Linda

A great combination  for the mind, body and soul.  A awesome workshop for everyone.  Thank You! - Emma

I started having problems with my ear and my sinuses were completely blocked, this made breathing through my nose in yoga class extremely difficult and rather annoying. I tried ear candling at home with small candles and ear drops from the chemist with very minimal results. After speaking with Jo at one of her group healing evenings I booked in to have my ears professionally candled and almost felt instant results. I couldn't believe how blocked up my ears were and I am such a clean freak! Would highly recommend ear candling to anyone who wants to feel more balanced, clear and refreshed. - Rachel

I had been to see doctors as I was suffering from Tinnitus, sinus pain and the feeling of fluid my ear and they had recommended a decongestant which helped a little but not much. Next stop was the ENT hospital. A trustworthy colleague of mine recommended Jo's ear candling and she 100% cured me!!! The best thing about dealing with Jo was she confidently answered all my questions as she could see I was feeling uneasy about the treatment. Jo has trusted references and a calm bedside manner. I've now had my ears done twice and will definitely head back again if I feel my sinuses blocking up again. My husband is going soon too to have his done. I can't believe how easy it all was and that my rhythmic tinnitus has completely gone. Thanks Jo!  - Bronwyn

 I can't recommend Jo's ear candling enough. I have suffered from debilitating sinus issues and have noticed a significant improvement after two sessions. I was amazed at how relaxing it is & look forward to each session as it has benefited me to no end. - Nat


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