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Nourish Yourself Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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A morning of Emotional Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation……

Journey with us on a morning full of sacred practices and healing to feel:
How would it feel to be fully connected to oneself, whole, free of conditions, re-energized, full of self-love and compassion?  Your mind, heart, body and spirit cleansed, nurtured, in harmony and transformed.  
Imagine feeling feel clear on your life’s intentions and direction and tuned in to your intuition, guidance, truth and creativity.  Your whole nervous system will feel soothed, clear and relaxed.  


Well it’s time to give yourself permission to spend a morning nourishing and nurturing yourself with insightful and powerful meditation and yoga practises, along with learning and practising self-care tools and processes that will connect you to your deepest self and enhance your daily life.
 Jo and Kim create the space for you to feel open, connected, safe and cared for.
We will be tapping into your creative energies and exploring your new sense of self and deepest desires and passions. 
Jo will be exploring the concept of Nourishment, how we nourish and nurture ourselves in a way that is sustainable.  She will enhance your personal growth through guided meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and resilience activities along with positive psychology methods to really make new habits stick.
Jo will be focusing on ‘Living with Intention’ and how we integrate our lives so we feel in harmony and balanced physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually through words, activities, practices and sound therapy. 
Jo is very compassionate, nurturing and caring by nature and will ensure each and every participant find your own intuitive healing ability and how to listen to your inner guidance and intuition to transform old patterns of behaviour to new favourable and positive habits.  More about Jo
 Kim will journey with you on the yoga mat and explore the concept of Flow states, mindfulness, yoga philosophy and how Yoga allows us to think better and feel A-MAZING. Kim will touch on the science behind Yoga, breathing techniques and how yoga can enhance your brain functioning. 
She will make you conscious of your stress response to actively work at changing it, to therefore soothe your nervous system, demonstrating how to get in and out of poses correctly and how to integrate these changes into your daily life. 
Using the power of visualisation, Reiki, doTERRA Essential oils and breathwork.  Kim will journey with you to cleanse and heal your chakras, body and mind and ignite your heart and spirit with LOVE.  More about Kim
At the completion of the session through the guided journey of Jo and Kim, you will have had time for reflection and feel a release and renewal, you will be ready to return to your life firmly anchored in a new understanding of yourself, compassion for your unique journey and excitement for your new vision. You will have powerful tools to support your on-going journey into deeper self-love, inner peace and joyful purpose.
Date: Sunday 27th May 
Time: 9am-1pm
Location: Bellbrae Hall
Investment: $59.95
Dress comfortably and bring warm clothes as we may go outside for some of the activities, bring water bottle, pen and journal
Session will include a mouth- watering delicious organic morning tea, use of oracle cards, silent reflection journal writing/drawing,  crystals and essential oils
First 5 people to book receive a Revitalize Lifestyle Tranquil Spray as a FREE GIFT.  Valued at $19
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